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JMSB has numerous opportunities for MBA students to get involved in case competitions.  Managed by the MBACCC (Student Committee), and supervised by Faculty, JMSB has both open and selection based competitions for students to get involved with.  The following provides an explanation of our process:

  1. We host numerous internal events, collaborate with industry and internal organizations and endeavor to provide many opportunities for the student body to participate.  These events are open to all students and generally enrollment/participation is based on first-come/first-serve bases.  Examples include:
    1. Bootcamps and educational workshops
    2. Case competition simulations
    3. Internal Industry funded competitions (i.e. with partnership with a Corporate Sponsor) Social events
    4. Local competitions: such as KGP and Chappuis Halder – follow an open registration process and students are generally registered on a first-come first-serve basis
  2. Formalized level 1 Competitions
    1. In order to formalize our training process and provide a platform for student training, a formal try-out is held for the Rotman and HEC competitions
    2. These competitions are considered a key training opportunity for students interested in further involvement in our Case Competition Program
    3. Given most students trying-out are within the first term of the MBA program, try-out performance is the sole bases of the evaluation (analytical ability, collaboration, presentation skills, Q&A are the elements assessed)
    4. Team selection is determined by the Faculty Advisor to Case Competitions with input from coaches in the program
    5. Previous competition experience is not required, but is considered an asset
    6. Students that have attended previous try-outs and have demonstrated their ability on the dimensions above can/may be waitlisted (i.e. placed on future teams without the need to try-out again) 
  3. Formalized Level 2 Competitions: enrollment in MBA695 Strategies in Action
    1. As part of MBA659 Strategies in action course, students try-out to be selected to represent JMSB at the following competitions:  ICC, DeGroote and Haskayne (competitions attended can change)
    2. Participating in MBA695 and representing JMSB at these competitions is considered a privilege and students are expected to commit to a rigorous training schedule to prepare for their respective competition
    3. Number of courses completed, academic performance, business acumen, work experience and try-out performance are key determinates in the selection process 
    4. Previous competition experience is not required, but is considered an asset
  4. Formalized Level 3 Competitions: Invitation Competitions
    1. JMSB prides itself on being invited to and participating in some of the most prestigious national and international competitions in the world
    2. Events we have attended include (but are not limited to): Yale, Munster, Telfer, Whitman, Aspen, LEEDS etc.
    3. Participation in these events is reserved for our most experienced and talent students
    4. Selection for these competitions is determine by the MBA Faculty advisor to Case Competitions – based on experience and level of commitment to the program, students are contacted to determine their interest, a short list is created and selected students are then invited to participate

Interested in managing the JMSB MBACCC Program?  Each year a group of 6 students organizes and manages the coordination aspects of the MBACCC.  Recruitment starts in February of each year for the preceding year’s organizing team.

  1. MBA695 : LIVE CASE Experience
    1. Students selected to be enrolled in MBA695 go through a formal interview process in order to be selected to lead the MBACCC (a year-long course focused on managing the MBA Case Competition Program)
    2. Experience with and participation in the Case Competition Program is a key criteria in selecting students
    3. With the tremendous amount of work the MBACCC performs, part of the incentive for being registered in MBA695 is participation on a case competition team
    4. Students are put on teams based on their experience and previous involvement with case competitions

For application information, click on the link below.

Application information for MBA 695 and MBA 659

In the stewardship of the above, note that all team selections are the responsibility of Faculty Advisor and the coaches that are involved in the MBA Case Competition Program.  Simply, the students managing the MBACCC are responsible for organizing all the activities that are associated with the above, not the recruiting of student – this remains the responsibility of the Faculty advisor to Case Competitions.

Tim Field
Senior Lecturer, Department of Management
Faculty Advisor, MBA Case Competition Program
John Molson School of Business
Concordia University
514-848-2424 ext. 2908