The JMSB MBA Case Competition Committee (MBACCC), under the supervision of Timothy Field, Faculty Advisor, is a student-run organization and a class (MBA695) that facilitates the participation of MBA students in case competitions.

The committee offers a program where students receive training to crack cases and develop problem solving, strategy and presentation skills. With the help of dedicated coaches, teams are provided training and mentoring before heading to case competitions. The committee also manages the logistics of all graduate JMSB teams competing locally, nationally and internationally. This unique program provides students a platform to expand their academic and professional networks while proudly representing the John Molson School of Business.

The program offers:

  • Case cracking and presentation boot camps (Beginning of Fall and Winter semesters)
  • Formal tryouts to give students the opportunity to compete in external case competitions
  • Internal case competitions (Winter semester)
  • The course MBA659- Strategies in Action: Case Competition (Fall semester)
  • The course MANA695- Live Case Experience (Summer semester)
  • The opportunity for JMSB MBA students to compete locally, nationally and internationally in over 10 case competitions
  • The opportunity to present to and network with top industry professionals
  • Coaches for students competing in external case competitions
  • Financial support for students representing JMSB at external case competitions

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most enriching applied learning experience to MBA students to develop their problem-solving, strategy and presentation skills that goes beyond the classroom.

Our core values are teamwork, dedication and continuous learning. We take pride in preparing upcoming business leaders to solve real life issues.


Reporting discrimination and harassment: If you experience or become aware of discrimination or harassment, you are encouraged to report it to either the CCC President or the Faculty Advisor.  

Sexual discrimination, intimidation, harassment and assault are not tolerated at Concordia University. Please refer to the Policy Regarding Sexual Violence which applies to all members of the University (students, instructors, coaches, etc.) regarding incidents occurring in any setting, on or off campus or on-line, including where university learning, work, athletics, social or other activities take place (ex. case competitions):

This Policy fosters awareness and prevention, outlines support for survivors/victims, and sets out fair procedural frameworks for accountability. It describes how to respond to disclosures of sexual violence and specifies procedures for reports or complaints.

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