457ANEW Strategy Challenge

In February 2021, the MBACCC hosted its annual winter internal case competition, the 457 ANEW Strategy Challenge. Students were tasked with providing strategic recommendations to 457 ANEW, a local apparel enterprise, to navigate its business landscape with the onset of new challenges and growth opportunities arising from COVID-19.

Team B Consulting and Golden Bees Consulting progressed to the final round to present their findings to the judging panels chaired by officials from 457 ANEW and Prof. Tim Field.

In the end, Prathamesh Wanare, Ishpuneet Singh Chawla, Nisha Sharma, and Priyam Choudhary of Golden Bees Consulting were crowned the winners of the 457 ANEW Strategy Challenge! The victory was even sweeter considering that the 457 ANEW Strategy Challenge was only the second internal case competition that the first-year graduate students partook in.

WINNERS (from top right) – Nisha Sharma, Prathamesh Wanare, Priyam Choudhary, Ishpuneet Singh Chawla

2nd Prize (from top right) – Rohith Rajagopal, Suryakumar Ramesh, Jayant Dahiya, Dileep Kodira