Adriano D’Angelo

”Case competitions were a great opportunity for applied learning. I had a fantastic experience working under pressure and becoming more aware of my strengths and weaknesses while being in a team. Thanks to a case competition win and a summer class intensive with Tim Field, I’m walking into my job with more confidence in my ability to make a difference and focused on what I need to grow”


Vijay Bidmurnath

”Case competitions is all about team work and applied learning. They are a great platform for me to apply and test my knowledge and at the same time pick-up and develop on the teams ideas. Be it a 3 hour case of a 3 month case, these competitions enabled me to develop critical thinking which will go a long way towards my personal development.”

van amar
Vanessa Amar

”Case competitions have definitely been an integral part of my MBA journey, from helping with promoting John Molson School of Business MBA through competitions (as VP Communication for thJMSB MBA Case Competition Committee) to participating in them (Haskayne Case competition). Taking Tim Field’s class (strategy in action) was one of the greatest learning experience, you really get to apply multiple concepts acquired throughout the MBA. My personal highlight was placing 2nd at the 2018 Haskayne School of Business Epic Challenge Case Competition in Calgary, Albertawith my teammates Joe Makkerh , Anne Morinville and Danovan Filion. We trained for almost a year and overcame multiple hurdles, so we were definitely proud of the results. I’m grateful for my experiences because taking part in case competitions has prepared me for life after the MBA. It teaches you critical analysis, problem solving, teamwork, creativity and public speaking. I would recommend to all incoming MBA students to take part in the case competition culture in one way or another.”

Rahul Singhal

”Strategies in Action’ class coached by Tim, will be one of the best experiences of my MBA. ‘Experiential learning’ in its true sense. Being a part of a highly accomplished team members, ability to perform under pressure and think on your toes, are just few of the many enriching moments I had during the class. Towards the end of the class, each member of the team had developed the ability to assess a business case from a holistic point of view regardless of what particular role they played on the team.”

Second to the left: Anne Morinville

”Participating in case competitions and the preparatory class was the most amazing experience of my MBA. I feel so privileged to have been a part of it. It is a pure adrenaline rush and I have to admit, I am (still) totally addicted. I participated in DeGroote, John Molson MBA ICC and Haskayne Case competitions as well as a few case competitions at Concordia: ICOP, Stéphane Crétier and Cutthroat Case Competition (where teams sabotage other teams!). Although each competition was memorable in its own way, my highlight was the EPIC 24-hr Haskayne competition where teams have 24hrs to solve a research-based case. This year at Haskayne, unlike other years, where teams tackled policy-based cases (for example, should the Trans-Canada pipeline be built?), we had a business case to solve in 24hrs! Along with my amazing teammates Vanessa Amar, Danovan Filion and Joe Makkerh, we stayed up most of the night but our efforts were rewarded with a second place finish, despite a presentation malfunction during our final presentation to the judges! From a personal level, case competition taught me to push myself beyond my perceived limits and helped me face some of my own insecurities and to conquer them. The coaches are all amazing and I learned so much from each one of them. A side-effect of case competition is that your standards for presentations will be very high. My teammates from case competitions were tremendously gifted individuals that brought a wealth of different experiences and knowledge to our discussions and I learned so much from them. I have made friendships for life. It was truly a life-changing experience.”

Danovan Filion

”My involvement in case competitions was an enriching experience. The case competition culture present at JMSB was a determining factor that influenced my decision to go for the MBA at Concordia. During my MBA, I had the chance to participate at GardaWorld (JMSB, Montreal), KGP Case Competition (UQAM, Montreal) and the 24 Hours Epic Case Challenge (Haskayne, Calgary) where my colleagues and me shared what we learned from Tim Field. I can say without any doubt that those were the most rewarding experiences of my MBA . I wish the new teams success, a good team spirit and a lot of fun in their competitions this year.”


Amit Sawhney

”I started my MBA in January 2017 and I was fortunate to participate in various case competitions right away. My first case comp experience was with ICOP (runner up finals) and during that time I realized how important case competitions can be in improving not just the communication skills but also helping you push yourself to your maximum potential. Case competitions helped me become a better team player, improve my reasoning skills and above all helped me to communicate my ideas in a clear and concise ways. After realizing how case comps enhanced my MBA experience, I started to participate in more case comps including one at HEC Montréal representing John Molson School of Business, sustainability case competition at University Montréal and McGill Pharmaceutical Case competition. I highly recommend taking part in bootcamps organized by case comp clubs and as many case comps as possible.”


Kuldeep Patni

”Competing in case competitions is the best experiential learning in the MBA. I was able to learn from the best, work with the best and party with the best people around the world. Being part of CCC for a year was a fulfilling journey too. I can really connect with the learnings from the cases and now apply the same at work also. It has helped me provide a structure and frame work to break down real business problems and form strategies that would benefit an organization for its future growth. A big shout out to Tim Field and Team CCC for being one of the best parts of the MBA program at JMSB.”


Sania Budhraja

”It’s like you have to step into a room, brainstorm and paint one of the most beautiful canvas’ that you can in about 3 hours and make people believe that it’s the best thing that they have ever seen. My case comp adventure began with the Garda Competition. At the time, I wasn’t really sure if I was ready. But I got to work with an amazing team and we ended up winning second place! And after that, I just couldn’t stop. Participating in multiple case competitions helped me grow into someone who was more confident, more efficient and more fearless. On the other hand, I got a chance to learn from our incredibly talented coaches and other team members. There’s something special about having the chance to represent JMSB on different stages. Even after you’re out of school, people recognize you as the team that made its mark. So, don’t miss out on it. Take the time to immerse yourself into this unique culture. And all I can say, like many others who have been down this path is that you will definitely wear the #CUpride wherever you go.”


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