The 2019 Garda World Challenge

The 2019 GardaWorld Challenge took place on Saturday, February 2nd at JMSB.

Information pertaining to the 2019 edition of the GardaWorld Challenge:

  • LIVE CASE with 4 Hours Preparation
  • Teams of 4 members (2 Experienced, 2 Rookies)
  • 20 minute pitch | 10 minute Q&A
  • 5000$ in prizes

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About GardaWorld 

About Stéphan Cretier:


Competition Format 

Information pertaining to the 2019 edition of the GARDAWORLD Challenge:
Teams will be composed of 4 MBA students. The prep time will be 4 hours in total. The day will begin with a live presentation of the case. Teams will have an opportunity to ask questions before they are handed the case document and the prep time begins. During lunch time, the teams will be allowed to ask the Live case presenter more questions pertaining to the case. Once lunch finishes, teams will begin the second half of their prep. Teams are to prepare presentations that are 20 minutes in length, and support it with 10 minutes of Q&As from GardaWorld representatives.
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