Past Organizers

The 2020-21 Organizing Team


AnusanAnusan Anandan – Vice President, Internal Events
Coming from a science background (BSc. Kinesiology), case competitions was unventured ground for Anusan. After taking part in his first case competition last Fall, he was immediately hooked, participating in part in various case competitions including ICOP and Garda. He was also selected to participate in KPMG’s ‘Ideation Challenge’, winning 1st place at the regional level before advancing to the National level. The rush of thinking strategically and creatively under pressure to crack cases kept him looking for more. As VP Internal Events, Anusan’s focus is on expanding the reach of the case competition experience by bringing new initiatives to life. Despite the uncertain times, Anusan wants to assure that the case competition experience will be an engaging and enriching one for the MBA students of JMSB.
AaryaAarya Roy – Vice President, Communications
Aarya was hooked onto case cracking from her very first CCC bootcamp! An advocate of experiential learning, she found that case competitions helped her bring theoretical concepts to life, thereby converting knowledge to skill. Aarya strongly believes that her participation in various case competitions like ICOP, KGP, and GARDA exposed her to effective interdisciplinary thinking and reinforced her interest in the Committee. A B.Com graduate with a major in Finance, she commenced her career as a Financial Services Auditor and later transitioned to Advertising, working with major CPG brands. As VP Communications, Aarya intends to further the case competition culture within the MBA program and enable her peers to avail an enriching and holistic experience by engaging with the CCC.
DebDebajyoti Saha – Vice President, Logistics
Debajyoti holds a degree in engineering and experience in Technology Consulting with Deloitte. He enjoys applying an analytic filter for problem-solving and believes in effective communication that fosters seamless teamwork. To put these ideas into practice during his MBA, he has participated in several case competitions including the ICOP and Stéphan Crétier foundation case competitions at Concordia University. These experiences made him realize that case competitions offer an invaluable opportunity for management students to put theory into practice and develop the skillsets crucial for their future roles as business leaders. This year, as VP Logistics, Debajyoti is aiming to enable MBA students like himself access the benefits of participating in case competitions at home and abroad.
HirakHirak Chakraborty – Vice President, Marketing
A marketing and branding enthusiast, Hirak holds a Bachelors’ degree in Instrumentation Engineering and Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing. Having worked extensively in media marketing, Hirak joined the JMSB MBA program with the goal of developing a truly strategic outlook to business management. A keen advocate of experiential learning, he was immediately drawn to the intensity and excitement of case competitions, securing 1st place at ICOP and 3rd place at Concours KGP, UQAM. He takes a particular interest in solving business challenges revolving around societal, community and environmental impact that will enable students to leave behind a positive global footprint. As VP Marketing, he intends to exponentially increase the Committee’s reach and develop meaningful engagement with the student community, fostering and furthering the success of case competition culture at JMSB.
RoshiniRoshini Tamil Selvan – Vice President, Finance
Roshini is currently pursuing her CFA charter at CFA Institute. With a background in Engineering and a career in Consulting and Financial services, she has worked extensively as Senior Consultant with Big four consulting firms such as Deloitte and KPMG. She is also an active member of the leadership at the Management Consulting Concordia (MCC) and John Molson Graduate Investment Society (JMGIC). Roshini strongly believes in making a positive difference through her role as VP- Finance and Analytics by maintaining the financial excellence of the Committee and provide quantitative analytical insights on the career developments that students have from their engagement in case competitions. She is an advocate of the personal and professional impact that case competitions have on students and is looking forward to engaging the student body in opportunities that would transform their learning in a multitude of ways.

The 2019-20 Organizing Team

Left to Right: Top – Tim Field, Sapandeep Singh Randhawa, Stéphane Larin, Catherine Pepe. Bottom – Genevieve Roch, Amanda Rushton, Rachel Simmons


Tim Field, Advisor


Tim Field, the Advisor to the MBA Case Competition Program, joined Concordia University in 2000.  Currently he is teaching in the Management Department in the areas of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics in the MBA, EMBA and undergraduate programs.  In addition, to his teaching, he is a Partner at KOMAND Consulting (  His industry experience includes, ten years in the Aerospace industry, five years as an entrepreneur in both the automotive and marketing fields and currently as a management consultant having provided services to the Retail, Biotechnology, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Manufacturing, IT and Brewing industries.


Amanda Rushton, President

Amanda has been engaged in the case competition community since her first semester at JMSB. An advocate of the professional and personal growth opportunities provided by case competitions, she considers them a transformative part of her MBA journey. Amanda has a professional background in event management and has global experience across various industries, such as not-for-profit, sport and higher education. She holds a BA. in International Development Studies from McGill University and a Graduate Certificate in Event Management from Humber College. Previously, Amanda has held the role of CCC VP Logistics and has represented JMSB at several major competitions including the John Molson International Case Competition and the HEC CSR Challenge, where her team won 1st prize. As President of the Case Competition Committee, she will collaborate with the faculty advisor and CCC executives to provide strategic guidance, promote engagement and support the growth of the MBA case competition program.


Sapandeep Singh Randhawa, VP-Finance

Sapandeep had his first taste of case competitions as an Industrial Engineering student. He instantly learning the value of participating in such experiential activity and went on to compete in an external case competition presenting to the likes of McKinsey and Bain. During various case competitions internally and externally, he leveraged his past experience in supply chain management and industrial engineering to think strategically while critically analyzing details. Participating in case competitions taught him the importance of concisely articulating his ideas. Currently serving as VP Finance and Analytics on the Case Competition Committee, his goals are to keep the club running within the budget as well as provide analytical insights into the CCC’s operations for MBA students. In addition, he is also the President of Briscoe Business Ownership Club at JMSB.



Rachel Simmons, VP-Communications

Rachel may be new to the world of business, but quickly fell in love with the challenges and opportunities brought on by doing case competitions. For someone who loves a good puzzle, cracking cases turned out to be a way of taking theoretical concepts learned in class and applying them to the real world while developing the critical skills needed for a successful career. With a BSc. in Anatomy & Cell Biology and Anthropology, and a MSc. in Family Medicine, Rachel brings her professional experience in health research, management and policy to competitions like the Stéphan Crétier Foundation GardaWorld Competition and the HEC CSR Challenge (placing 1st and 2nd respectively). Currently working in the Department of Family Medicine at McGill University, Rachel joins the Case Competition Committee as VP Communications. She is excited to experience more than just the competition angle, and hopes to help ensure future students have as positive and rewarding an experience in competing as she did.



Genevieve Roch, VP-Internal Events

Coming from a practical science background (BSc. Dietetics), Genevieve only cracked her first case upon starting the MBA last fall. Immediately hooked, she then participated in the Concours KGP, ICOP and Rotman A4S case competitions, winning 1st place with her team at Rotman A4S. Though the learning curve is steep, she really enjoys case competitions and how they improve analytical skills, time management, understanding of team dynamics, and presentation skills. Genevieve has experience in operations management, and is the current president of the MBA Society, As VP Internal for the Case Competition Committee, she aims to continue to increase the clubs’ reach by hosting events where fellow students can work on honing those skills and experience the challenges and rewards of the case competition world.



Catherine Pepe, VP-Marketing

Catherine is an experiential learning enthusiast who loves taking her education outside of the classroom. In addition to the CCC, Catherine co-chairs the position of VP sponsorship and external within the John Molson Women in Business Club and is taking part in the Innovation by Design program for the upcoming year. An entrepreneur at heart, Catherine loves the idea of a competition that uses real cases where students from every background can participate. It was shortly after beginning her MBA that she signed up for her first case competition where she was immediately drawn to the intensity and competitive atmosphere. As VP Marketing, Catherine is looking forward to attracting new students to competitions so that they too can experience the excitement of bringing business cases to life.



Stéphane Larin, VP-Logistics

Stéphane developed his passion for business strategy and case competitions while studying for his BCom. degree in International Business at JMSB. He was a member of the Undergraduate Case Competition Delegation for the Debate Team, where he got a first glimpse into the world of case competitions. Recognizing this unique opportunity to develop business skills, Stéphane still believes that the combination of business intuition, presentation skills, team-work and creativity developed while competing is truly unique and enticing. Upon returning to JMSB for the MBA program, he leapt on every opportunity to participate and compete in case competitions. With his teams, he placed 1st in an internal MBA competition (Stéphan Crétier Foundation GardaWorld Competition) and took home the 2nd place trophy at HEC’s CSR Challenge. He intends to continue to compete while sharing his enthusiasm and supporting all of JMSB’s competitors as VP Logistics for the Case Competition Committee.


The 2018-2019 Organizing Team

Left to right: Top: Tim Field, Paola Sunyé, Jonathan Faerman. Bottom: Magalie Han, Karolyne Courville, Winnie Hu, Amanda Rushton
Tim Field, Advisor

Tim Field, the Advisor to the MBA Case Competition Program, joined Concordia University in 2000.  Currently he is teaching in the Management Department in the areas of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics in the MBA, EMBA and undergraduate programs.  In addition, to his teaching, he is a Partner at KOMAND Consulting (  His industry experience includes, ten years in the Aerospace industry, five years as an entrepreneur in both the automotive and marketing fields and currently as a management consultant having provided services to the Retail, Biotechnology, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Manufacturing, IT and Brewing industries.

Winnie Hu, President

Winnie’s interest in case competitions stems from the fact that these experiences help develop the strategic mindset and presentation skills that are essential to succeed in any work environment. Since JMSB is renowned for its case competition culture, getting involved to benefit from the MBA case competition program was something she sought from the get-go. Since May 2018, Winnie has taken on the mantle of President for the MBA Case Competition Committee (CCC) and will work in tandem with her team and faculty advisor to educate, prepare, and financially support students on their local and international case competition journeys. She has previously worked for the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development, and Bombardier Business Aircraft. She has a BA from McGill University in Political Science and English Literature.

Paola Sunyé, VP Internal Events

Paola holds a Bachelor of Civil Law and Bachelor of Laws (B.C.L./LL.B.) from McGill University and a Master’s in Diplomacy and International Public Service from the Centro de Estudios Internacionales de Barcelona. She has worked, studied and lived in 7 different countries throughout Europe and North and South America. She has held jobs and internship positions in several international organisations, including the International Organisation for Migration, the International Criminal Court, INTERPOL and the European Economic and Social Committee. As VP Internal Events, she will strive to cooperate and find synergies with other student clubs, associations and committees, and to increase and diversify the pool of participants in case competitions.

Amanda Rushton, VP Logistics

Amanda has a professional background in event management and has worked in various industries, such as not-for-profit, sport and higher education. Having remotely managed events all over the world – as far away as San Francisco, London and Hong Kong – Amanda’s international logistics and planning experience will be an asset for the role of CCC VP Logistics. Amanda is also a member of the MBA Society, holding the position of VP Careers & International for the 2018-2019 year. As CCC VP Logistics, Amanda will support JMSB MBA teams traveling to external case competitions. This includes liaising with external case competition organizers and working with competing teams to arrange travel and accommodations. Amanda’s goal is to continue formalizing logistics processes to ensure that case competition teams can focus on learning and success.

Jonathan Faerman, VP Finance

Jonathan‘s education: BA in Business and Master’s in Data Mining/Machine Learning Work and work experience: Career in Analytics. Currently Manager Insights and Analytics. Started in finance and sales and then I migrated to analytics.  Case Comps have a real impact, I can apply concepts and better structure thoughts and presentations on my current position, making real impacts that everyone around me notice. These skills help you advance in your career as you become a reference in strategic thinking and senior leadership will seek your advice and support when making important decisions and presentations. Being a part time student I need to pick where I get involve as I don’t have much time, and case comps are definitely the right choice. The experience is great and you meet the most talented students/professionals that on top share your interests.

Karolyne Courville, VP Marketing

Karolyne has over 3 years of professional experience in the health care field and in a tech startup in Montreal. Her volunteer experience includes being a mentor for over five years for Epilepsy Montreal Metropolitan, a board member for a NGO in the Eastern Townships and as a consultant for marketing, communications and fundraising, in Barranquilla, Colombia, as a summer project with the International Community Outreach Program (ICOP) in 2018. She started to get involved with case competitions early on, being a challenge-seeker and passionate about learning hands-on, teamwork and problem-solving. One case competition led to the next and the progress was empowering. Karolyne has been a finalist in two competitions and won first place at the 2018 Diversity and Inclusion case competition at Ryerson, Ted Rogers School of Business. As part of the CCC, she looks forward to applying her creativity in marketing, to attract students in getting involved with experiential learning and the art of case-cracking.

Magalie Han, VP Communications

Magalie Han’s involvement in the MBA Case Competition Committee began a few years ago. While in the GDBA program, she received the Medal of the Most Supportive Member of the CCC in recognition of her volunteer work. She also contributed as a Lead Volunteer for two years at the John Molson MBA International Case Competition. In her previous role as President of the International Community Outreach Program (ICOP), she led the organization of the ICOP Annual Social Business Case Competition where she developed a live case with World Vision Canada. In her role as VP Communications of CCC, Magalie will promote and increase the visibility of the John Molson School of Business MBA Case Competition Program. She will facilitate communications between the committee, MBA department and students. Her professional experience includes fundraising, administration and events management. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art and a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Concordia University.

The 2017-2018 Organizing Team

AMC17 0926 JMSB MBA Team 6627

Left to right: Danovan Filion, Mackenzie Emond, Vanessa Karras, Rouba Ezzedine, Sania Budhraja, Vanessa Amar, Tim Field

AMC17 0926 JMSB MBA Team 6410Danovan Filion, VP Logistics

“Participating in case competitions is one of the most enriching experiences of the MBA program.”

Danovan has professional experience in clinical research and started his MBA to acquire business and management knowledge. He tried out for case competitions during his first semester at JMSB and was selected to be a part of the 2018 Haskayne Business School competition. He strives to ensure that competitions are well organized and that all teams have everything that they need while attending them. As a part of the CCC, he looks forward to contributing to the culture of enhancing presentation skills and learning by experience.

AMC17 0926 JMSB MBA Team 6489Mackenzie Emond, VP Internal Events

“There are no Problems, Only Solutions” – John Lennon

Mackenzie comes from Ontario and has spent most of her time growing up in the great outdoors. She developed her love of nature while at summer camp in Algonquin Park, leading canoe trips in Northern Ontario for weeks at a time. It was on these trips that she discovered the need to do her part to preserve and protect what little of unspoiled land we have. Armed with a Bachelors degree in Recreation Management and Community Development, she is in her final year at JMSB hoping to complete the MBA program in May 2018. In addition to holding the position of VP of Internal Events for MBA CCC, she is also the 2017-2018 president of John Molson Sustainable Business Group. Her goal as VP of internal events is to take more sustainable measures in event planning. She experienced her first case competition at Garda, which opened her eyes to the benefits of case comp and how actively participating can improve personal development. Mackenzie will also be competing at 2018 HEC Case Competition in February, we wish her and team “Thrive Responsibly” the best!

AMC17 0926 JMSB MBA Team 6498Vanessa Karras, President

Vanessa has over five years of experience in the music industry. She managed large scale events, before opening her own management services company. She managed artists’ finances, marketing, touring logistics and relationships with diverse stakeholders. She obtained a bachelor of arts with distinction, double majoring in jazz guitar and in arts administration. She is now pursuing her MBA at the John Molson School of Business, and will be joining McKinsey and Co as a management consultant following graduation.

AMC17 0926 JMSB MBA Team 6437Rouba Ezzedine, VP Finance

“Everything you’ve never seen is just beyond where you always stop”

Rouba has four years of experience in Finance research and Sustainability. She has a strong knowledge and broad expertise in corporate finance, private equity, financial planning and financial analysis. With experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, she has developed an adaptable set of skills and a passion for achieving and helping others. During her studies, Rouba has received three graduate scholarships for her academic achievements. She holds a Master in Finance from the American University of Beirut and she is currently pursuing an MBA at the John Molson School of Business with a focus on management and strategy. As part of the CCC, she hopes to help in presenting the case competition experience as a learning journey and as an important part of the MBA life.

AMC17 0926 JMSB MBA Team 6520 Sania Budhraja, VP Marketing

“Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself.”

Sania has around 2 years of experience in consulting operations and has worked closely with teams that coach and mentor startups. She started to get involved with case competitions early on, intrigued by taking on the challenge of pairing up with a team to turn a problem into a solution within 3 hours. After participating in her first competition, she realized the potential that this program had. As part of the CCC, she looks forward to encouraging students to get involved with case cracking, learn beyond the classroom and see themselves grow.

AMC17 0926 JMSB MBA Team 6378Vanessa Amar, VP Communications

“Passion, drive and discipline is the recipe to success”

Vanessa has a background in health care and has had 4 years of experience in building her clientele in private clinical settings. She has a passion for fashion and politics. Her interest in strategy led her to get involved with case competitions. She will represent JMSB at the 2018 Haskayne Case Competition. As part of the CCC she hopes to help build the case competition culture within the JMSB MBA program by facilitating interactions between the committee and her fellow students.

The 2016 – 2017 Organizing Team


Left to Right: Kuldeep Patni, Andrea Clarke, Anju Suddul ,Tim Field, Genevieve Redstone, Aleksey Cameron,  Not photographed (Aman Kumar, Rahul Singhal)


2017 JMSB MBA CCC President

With 5 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Anju started the MBA to diversify her career path. Despite a limited business knowledge, Anju tried out for case competition in her very first semester in the MBA. She was selected to be part of the 2016 Rotman team and went on to win the DeGroote Case Competition with her fellow teammates. As the President of MBA CCC, Anju’s goal is to initiate as many MBA students as possible to case competition, a beyond-the-classroom activity that allows students to not only to further develop themselves but to also make life-long connections with their fellow case competitors.

Genevieve Redstone VP Finance

Having published her research in the Journal of Molecular Pharmacology and presenting her work at the American Association of Cancer Research Annual Conference, Genevieve has an eye for detail. Her ambition is not limited by the academic world as she has represented Canada at the Pan American Championship in Tae Kwon Do. Since the start of her MBA, Genevieve has truly enjoyed working in a team environment. She has previously participated at the JMSB MBA ICC as the executive assistant for judges in 2015-16. Genevieve is currently pursuing her MBA full-time at JMSB and she is the VP Finance of the Case Competition Club.


Kuldeep Patni VP Team Coordination

Kuldeep is a PMP certified Mechanical Engineer with 6 years of experience in Project Management for large scale engineering and construction projects. He is passionate about working with different teams and believes his team management skills are excellent. This is one of the reasons he chose to be a part of the JMSB MBA Case Competition Club. He work well with individuals from different backgrounds and looks forward to learning more about the case competitions being held at different universities. Looking forward, He hopes to participate in more case competitions and leverage his knowledge and experience to ensure that JMSB maintains its good run at case competitions.


Aleksey Cameron – VP Marketing

Having spent the last 5 years working as an entrepreneur, predominately in the Food & Beverage Industry, Aleksey has returned to JMSB to pursue an MBA. As VP Marketing for the MBA CCC, Aleksey will provide the JMSB population with fun and relevant posts about our case competition opportunities and follow our teams on their journeys to my our school proud. Post MBA, Aleksey looks forward to incorporate her passion for for entrepreneurship, marketing, & branding into all elements of her work.


Andrea Clarke VP Internal

Director of a local non-profit which provides holistic, non-judgmental, harm-reductive services to youth who face marginalization, Andrea is also the president of the Board of the Directors of the Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi NDG. She has a Master’s Science of Biochemistry, and over a decade’s experience in public health care administration. Andrea thoroughly enjoys exploring the intersection between our business training and progressive social change, and looks forward to representing Concordia and JMSB at the Haskyane Epic 24h Case Competition in early March.

Rahul Singhal | VP External



Co-founder of a Consultancy and Marketing company in the Energy sector. Rahul believes that self-discovery is the key to success. He plans to integrate his entrepreneurial experience into his academic career and involvement at JMSB.


Aman Kumar | VP External

Computer engineer by bachelors and 4+ years of work experience as product specialist with a leading IT service/consulting MNC. An extrovert and always open to new experiences person. Loves dealing with people and working in team settings. The desire of travelling across the planet is the biggest drive to keep pushing and earning money. Strong interest in varying human races/cultural nuances, sports (especially Soccer), healthy lifestyle and huge appreciation for unbiased and fair societies.


Tim Field | Faculty Advisor

Of all the experiences that an MBA has to offer, few provide the intellectual challenge, lesson in group dynamics and adrenaline rush of the JMSB MBA Case Competition Program. Students within this program are highly sought after by recruiters, become part of a strong network of competition alumni and are truly the pride of our MBA Program.




The 2015 – 2016 Organizing Team2015-2016team2016team

Left to Right: Simon Foucher (Advisor), Sen Li, Aijing Zang, Daniel Marinescu, Samie L.S. Ly, Pedram Fardnia, Nadia Cho, Victor Martone

The 2014-2015 Organizing Team


Left to Right: Karen Galoustov, Elena Raznovan, Samie L.S. Ly, Alina Parapuf & Stephen Athanasoulias (Alumni Advisor)

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