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KGP is an inter-university competition of case resolution in project management. Supported by PMI Montreal (Project Management Institute), the KGP case competition is the largest project management competition in Eastern Canada. It is held in November at the University of Quebec à Montréal (UQAM).

This competition requires students to prepare a project management case in 90 minutes, followed by a 10-minute presentation.

Teams of 4 are allowed and the competition is open to all MBA students.

2021 Teams



Congratulations to both teams from JMSB for the spectacular show at the KGP Case Comp organized by PMI Montreal (Project Management Institute)
KGP is an inter-university contest of case resolution in project management. This is the largest project management competition in Eastern Canada. The mandate this year was to implement a distribution and ordering IT system for warehouse and order processing. The team felt that the this was a great learning experience, since it reflected a lot of the real time problems in project management, just consolidated into one case.
JMSB’s performance and team’s attitude proves that you don’t need to win the competition to win as a team. Each presentation is just another opportunity to compete, experience, learn and grow!
Great job JMSB! The CCC is proud of all the work you put in and of your overall performance!

In 2019, JMSB took the third place!

Hot on the heels of the previous weekend’s ICOP victory, Varthini Bhaskaran, Krishna Chaitanya, Veda Roy and Hirak Chakraborty​  took home 3rd place at KGP!


Special thanks to JMSB alumni Raid Attir and Emad Naeemi who held a training session for all participants, and a sincere thank you to all the teams that represented the JMSB MBA Case Competition Committee​ with integrity and pride at KGP

Our performance over the years:

  • 2019 – 3rd Place Winners
  • 2017 – Two teams made it to the final round
  • 2016 – 3rd Place Winners
2017 Finals: Left to right: Adnan Ali, Oscar Barriga, Louis-Alexandre Labelle, Karolyne Courville


Left to Right: Kartik Narayanan, Mohd Azam Khan, Sharath Savanth, Vahid Zarifpayam (2015-2016)


Left to Right: Mohammad El-Hout, Shaheer Ali, Venkat Mahalingam, Younes Baloubali

Coaches (2015-2016)screen-shot-2017-02-24-at-11-06-52-am

Left to right: Samie L.S. Ly, Glenn Funamoto, Stavros Athanasoulias, Laurent Han, Nelson Julien

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