Every year, the John Molson School of Business (JMSB) MBA Case Competition Committee (MBACCC) offers students the opportunity to enter the world of case cracking. This is done in the Fall and Winter semesters by hosting bootcamps.  Some focus on learning the basics of case cracking while others focuses on presentation skills. During some sessions, in teams of four, the students get 1h to crack a case, build a presentation and present 5 minutes in front of a panel of judges.

In September 2019 we will be hosting 2 sessions. The first session was led by Tim Fields and focussed on the fundamental tools and approaches to case cracking.  The second session will be more hands on, a short case will be provided and students will be given the opportunity to work and present as a team.

Past Bootcamps

In January 2019, the CCC hosted a successful bootcamp with over 50 attendees. The session was followed by three presentations from the teams representing JMSB at the HEC CSR Challenge and Rotman A4S International Case Competition.

In September 2018, the CCC hosted two successful bootcamps, both with over 40 participants.




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