Every year, the John Molson School of Business (JMSB) MBA Case Competition Committee (MBACCC) offers students the opportunity to enter the world of case solving. This is done in the Fall and Winter semesters by hosting Bootcamps. Some focus on learning the basics of case-racking while others focus on presentation skills.

Winter 2023

MBA CCC has got an exciting event lined up for you all on January 28th, 2023. We’re kicking off the day with a Meet & Greet session from 9 am to 10 am. This is your chance to meet and mingle with your MBA cohort. During this session, we’ll also be talking about the three elective courses that CCC offers, as well as how you can register for them. We’ll also be providing some insights into the world of case competitions.

But that’s not all, we’ve also got a Case-cracking Workshop lined up from 10 am to 12 pm. This workshop is going to be led by Prof. Tim Field. He’ll be walking you through a case and sharing his approach to solving cases. This is a great opportunity for you to gain some valuable insights into case solving.

And don’t forget the coffee and croissants are on us! See you in MB 4.206.

Fall 2022

The MBACCC kick-started the year of learning with a bootcamp. The bootcamp was organized virtually in the last week of September. The event was focused on providing an opportunity for the students to work on a case and present it along with the guidance of a coach. Prof. Tim lead a case discussion and breakdown to provide a foundation. We had Jonathan Faerman, Cassandra Boivin-Pelletier, Matthew Beck, Jesse Prent, Jeremy Rutman, and Hirak Chakraborty join us as coaches. The event was a success and 20 students benefitted from the session.

Winter 2022

The MBACCC hosted the Winter 2022 Bootcamp and Try-outs workshop on January 29, 2022, under the guidance of Prof. Timothy Field. It was attended by 37 students and esteemed coaches Anne Morinville, Cedrin S Law, Fatima Malik, Hirak Chakraborty, Jonathan Faerman, Marc LeGuen, and Matthew Beck. The MBACCC is known for its Bootcamps held every Fall and Winter Semester. However, this Bootcamp was different. MBACCC President, Bethea Clarke, came up with the idea to conduct the traditional bootcamp as a try-out session to select candidates for upcoming case competitions, SFU Net Impact, and Schulich Global Case Competition. Bootcamp & Try-outs session in progress It was a remarkable feat as 7 coaches coached students at the same time. The MBACCC received encouraging feedback from the students and the coaches alike about this new format. The session started with a brief introduction of the MBACCC team and the coaches followed by a workshop hosted by Prof. Tim Field. The students were divided into a team of four and each group was allocated a coach. The teams were assigned to breakout rooms to work on the case. In an hour the teams had to both deliberate amongst each other and prepare the presentation under the guidance of a coach. In the second half of the workshop, the coaches were shuffled amongst teams and the teams presented to their coach and to a new coach. Each presentation lasted for 10 minutes followed by a 5-minutes Q&A session. The MBACCC integrated the previous bootcamp session student feedback into the latest one i.e., providing feedback to all the teams, which happened on the spot by the judges. The session concluded on a high note. After the session, all the judges deliberated on the performance of students, and based on their feedback 8 students were selected for the two upcoming case competitions to represent JMSB. We wish the teams all the best for the competitions. The MBACCC will continue supporting them throughout this journey.

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Fall 2021

CCC officially kick started the academic year 2021 with a series of bootcamps aimed at introducing to the participants the world of case cracking, a much sought-after skillset to have in one’s arsenal. The first bootcamp was organized by the CCC team in the third week of September and saw an unprecedented response from the participants not only in terms of attendance but in terms of level of enthusiasm and engagement. The event started with the formal introduction of the CCC team followed by an icebreaker session which gave a chance to the participants to know each other and loosen up a little before the actual session on ‘Introduction to case cracking’ by Prof. Tim Field, senior lecturer ethics and strategy here at JMSB. Post the session, the participants were given an opportunity to work on a case and the entire activity was overseen by Prof Tim. Meanwhile, our president, Beth encouraged the participants to actively participate in case competitions by sharing her own experience with case competition and how it helped her evolve as a consultant. The session was not all work and no play, thanks to our VP marketing, Aswin who reminded the participants time and again to keep a happy face as pictures were taken randomly throughout the event. The session ended on a high note with many participants actively engaging in Q&A sessions with Tim and the CCC team and actively enquiring about the various internal and external case competitions to be held throughout the year.

Come fourth week of September, when the CCC team organized the second bootcamp in a series of two bootcamps which was aimed at giving the participants an opportunity to delve deep into case cracking. This time, it was Cedrin Law, JMSB alum and one of the official case competition coaches with CCC, who oversaw the event and delivered an extremely insightful session on tips on making presentations. This session helped the participants organize and articulate their analysis well on a ppt. Post the session, all the participants were divided into groups of four, assigned to different breakout rooms and were given a case to analyse and present recommendation for the same. The presentations were judged by prof. Tim Field, coach Cedrin Law, our president Beth and Hirak Chakroborty, a JMSB alum who has brought many accolades to JMSB by winning various case competitions internally and externally. The second bootcamp ended yet again at a high note with participants excited about the upcoming Creative Shock case competition after being equipped with the know-how of case cracking.

CCC thanks prof. Tim , Cedrin and Hirak for their time and effort in making the bootcamps a success.

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Winter 2021

On February 5th, the MBACCC continued its workshop series with a tailored seminar for its annual winter internal competition event. This year, the MBACCC collaborated with 457 ANEW to present a mandate for the annual Strategy Challenge Case Competition. The team welcomed 31 students from both the incoming and returning cohorts at the event.

The first half of the workshop was facilitated by the MBACCC faculty advisor, Prof. Tim Field. By providing an overview of general strategy & management tools Prof. Field set the stage for the second half of the workshop – in which Cedrin Law, an MBACCC alumni, Coach, and seasoned marketing expert, walked students through various concepts and frameworks that they could leverage in analyzing and solving the 457ANEW Strategy Challenge mandate.


Fall 2020

In Fall 2020, the MBACCC quickly pivoted and adapted its bi-annual in-person bootcamps to a virtual format.  In addition to local participation, the Fall 2020 bootcamps saw students joining from all over the world with students attending from India, China, and the United Arab Emirates. The workshops saw a mix of participants, ranging from case competition novices to seasoned champions.

Bootcamp 1 had 32 registrants. The session was facilitated by the MBACCC faculty advisor, Prof. Tim Field. By solving a case in real-time, students were given an overview of the fundamental tools and approaches to case cracking.

Bootcamp 1 - 1


Bootcamp 2 was led by Cedrin Law, an MBACCC alumni and Coach. This hands-on session involved students working in teams to solve a case pertaining to a well-established international conglomerate.


Winter 2020

In Winter 2020 we hosted 2 sessions. The first session was led by Tim Field and focussed on the fundamental tools and approaches to case cracking.

Fall 2019

In September 2019 we hosted 2 sessions. The first session was led by Tim Field and focussed on the fundamental tools and approaches to case cracking.

The second session was led by JMSB MBA Alumni and CCC coach Stavros Athanasoulias. A short case was provided and students had the opportunity to work as a team and deliver a 5 minute presentation to a panel of judges.

Past Bootcamps

In January 2019, the CCC hosted a successful bootcamp with over 50 attendees. The session was followed by three presentations from the teams representing JMSB at the HEC CSR Challenge and Rotman A4S International Case Competition.

In September 2018, the CCC hosted two successful bootcamps, both with over 40 participants.