The JMSB MBA Case Competition Committee (MBACCC) publishes 2 newsletters every study term to present the events and results of the MBACCC’s efforts in promoting case competitions and representing JMSB in various case competitions.



The MBACCC saw incredible student engagement in this year’s events, with over 60 applicants for the SIA/Live Case Tryouts, over 20 applicants for the MBACCC recruitment, and overall actively engaging 100+ students through Bootcamps/Workshops and Internal Case Competition.

The newsletter and website have been revamped to increase clarity and usability, to reach more students. We have successfully managed to achieve an average of 500 monthly visitors to the website, with 200 (on avg.) being unique.

MBACCC team 2022-23 signing off with the final newsletter for the year!!


We are delighted to announce the next team of the MBA CCC, a group of accomplished individuals poised to lead the committee to new heights. This team will be the steward of JMSB’s case competition program in 2023-24. This year’s recruitment process witnessed an unprecedented level of interest, a testament to the enduring enthusiasm of the JMSB student community.



Left to Right: Sriram Menon, Mehul Bawa, Babita Bhandari and Lisa Malachowski

Babita Bhandari, Sriram Menon, Mehul Bawa, and Lisa Malachowski represented JMSB at the HEC CSR Challenge held in March and secured 2nd Place.

The contest comprised of three cases – a research challenge to devise a DEI strategy for the First Women’s Bank, and two traditional cases that emphasized the circular economy. One case centered on electronics recycling while the other focused on the pharmaceutical industry. In a pool of 21 International MBA teams, our team advanced to the final round and secured the 2nd position in the overall rankings!

Jonathan Faerman and Damian Wolff coached and supported the team to prepare them for the competition.


Left to Right: Jean-Nicholas Reyt (Associate Prof. McGill), Dhiraj Gaikwad, Raul Braganza, Lorenze Dsouza and Sridharan Vankeepuram

Dhiraj Gaikwad, Raul Braganza, Lorenze Dsouza, and Sridharan Vankeepuram represented JMSB in the inaugural edition of the McGill-Desautels Negotiation Competition. 10 teams of MBA students from across Canada competed and more than 30 negotiation experts judged at the event.

Over the course of two days, teams gave their best and tried to impress the judging panels with their exceptional negotiation skills, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. Their business acumen and expertise were absolutely crucial. Our team was given the award for “Best Team Players” by the judges for their professional attitude and communication skills.


Left to Right: Sridharan Vankeepuram, Hiral Parekh, Fatima Malik, Nishant Gaurav and Himanshu Srivastava

Himanshu Srivastava, Hiral Parekh, Nishant Gaurav and Sridharan Vankeepuram represented JMSB in the Digital Innovation Challenge Case Competition organized by Haskayne School of Business and won 1st place.

The competition consisted of two rounds. In the first round, the teams were given a 24-hour research mandate on how can AI-based technology companies leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage employee burnout due to the fast-paced nature of the industry and skill shortage. The teams had to do a 15-minute presentation followed by a 10-minute Q&A session for both rounds. The top five teams qualified for the final. The final mandate was an added twist of getting buy-in from skeptical employees. The short-term solution was to actively involve employees to increase engagement and in the long-term automate tasks through AI to improve their work-life quality.

Jeremy Rutman and Fatima Malik coached and prepared the team for the research-focused competition and the 24-hour-long case-cracking session.


Above: Team at Asper Leadership Case Competition
Below: Team at Digital Innovation Challenge, Calgary

We would like to express our thanks to our donors, Donald and Bonnie Poole, for their generous donation that enabled our teams to participate in the Digital Innovation Challenge Case Competition at Haskayne School of Business, Calgary and the Asper Leadership Case Competition at Winnipeg. The teams truly cherished their experience and memories. This impacts the overall value of the MBA Case Competition Program at John Molson School of Business. We truly are grateful for their support.


Left to Right: Sridharan Vankeepuram, Nishant Gaurav, Prof.Timothy Field, Himanshu Srivastava and Hiral Parekh.

Himanshu Srivastava, Hiral Parekh, Nishant Gaurav, and Sridharan Vankeepuram represented JMSB in the International Business Ethics Case Competition which consisted of 3 separate events. The team placed in all three competitions: 90 seconds – 1st Place, 10 minutes – 3rd Place, and 25 minutes – 3rd Place.

The competition is based on self-selected ethics-based research mandates. The ethical, legal, and financial implications along with a recommendation had to be analyzed and presented. The team focused on “How to manage AI-induced bias in hiring practices to avoid marginalization of already disadvantaged groups?” The team placed judges in the role of the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) to present their solutions. Teams from North America, the UK, Europe, and Asia competed in this competition.

Fatima Malik, Roshni Tamil Selvan, and Jeremy Rutman coached and supported the team throughout their preparation for the competition.


2022 – 2023 SNAPSHOT

  • McGill Retail Challenge – 2nd Place
  • KGP Concours – 1st Place
  • Telfer Diversity & Inclusion Challenge – 3rd Place
  • HES CSR Challenge – 2nd Place
  • Digital Innovation Challenge, Haskayne – 1st Place
  • International Business Ethics Case Competition
    • 90 seconds – 1st Place
    • 10 minute – 3rd Place
    • 25 minute – 3rd Place

Coaches: Anne Morinville, Bethea Clarke, Cedrin Law, Damian Wolff, Emad Naeemi, Fatima Malik, Genevieve Redstone, Hirak Chakraborty, Jeremy Rutman, Jesse Prent, Jonathan Faerman, Marc LeGuen, Matthew Beck, Pierre Carpentier, Roshini Tamil Selvan and Timothy Field.

The MBACCC would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all the coaches who have dedicated their time to help teams prepare for the competitions. Your unwavering guidance has been invaluable to the growth of the students. We are incredibly grateful for your efforts, which have immensely impacted our growth and development. Your investment in us has been truly inspiring, and we hope to carry the lessons you have imparted with us. Thank you all again.

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