The National Investment Banking Competition (NIBC) is held in Vancouver, British Colombia, every March, and brings together students from investment banking background. The first round of competitions happens online in November, and those who make it through participate in Vancouver. The competition is in parallel with the NIBC conference, which brings together students and professionals in investment banking.

JMSB was among the top 64 teams who made it through the first round for which over 500 teams from 200 universities submitted proposals.

2020 Results

While they did not receive their final position, their scores suggest they came in at 10th place which is an incredible feat for a competition of this caliber and size. Unfortunately, only the top 8 teams made it to the next round so JMSB did not progress to the finals.


Congrats to Epaminondas Capsis, Jesus Mondragon, Aws Al-Hasani and José Armando Del Greco Peixoto Neto!