Meet the Committee

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Tim Field
Faculty Advisor


I’m in my last year of the MBA program, and participating in case competitions has added the most value to my experience at JMSB so far. I’m most interested in sustainability and strategy competitions.

Outside of the MBA program, I love listening to podcasts and music, cooking, and camping and hiking with my family.

Looking forward to seeing all my fellow students as competition participants this year!

Lisa Malachowski 

ojasvie_arora (1)

I am a full-time MBA student at JMSB. I worked in the finance industry for three years in India and I plan to do the same in Canada after graduating.

I like reading books about trading and investment and implementing those strategies in live markets.

Through my CCC role, I now have broader exposure to budgeting, managing finances, solving cases, and developing strategies. I look forward to learning more during my tenure.

Ojasvie Arora
Vice President – Finance and Analytics


I am a material science engineer with over nine years of experience in research and development in the automotive industry. I am also a sports enthusiast and love exploring different parts of the world.

Case competitions became a crucial part of my MBA journey ever since I participated in the CCC Bootcamp and solved real-life business problems.

Through my CCC role, I want to help facilitate fellow students in participating in internal and external case competitions.

Nishant Gaurav
Vice President – Logistics

dhiraj_gaikwad (1) (1)

Before starting my full-time MBA, I was a project manager at an engineering firm. I now work part-time as a product manager. I love case competitions as they provide an opportunity to use the entirety of my B-school toolkit.

Outside of the MBA program, I spend my time editing a podcast, writing content for a website, and watching stand-up comedy.

Through my role at the MBA CCC, I plan to share CCC’s vision across the MBA program and convert my fellow students into case competitors.

Dhiraj Gaikwad
Vice President – Marketing

sridharan_vankeepuram (1)

I have over five years of experience in the technology and gaming industry. I’m looking forward to getting the best out of both the technology and business worlds through the MBA program.

I love photography and traveling. You can find me walking around the city or near Old Port whenever I get some free time.

Through my CCC role, I aim to communicate the value of participating in case competitions to all my fellow students.

Sridharan Vankeepuram
Vice President – Communications


My interest in case competitions was sparked at the first MBA CCC Bootcamp I attended in Fall 2021 and the highlight of the MBA program, for me, was being part of the team that won the Rotman A4S International Case Competition last year.

In my free time, I enjoy consuming content – movies, series, sports but my #1 love is music – listening, singing & playing my guitar.

Through my role in the MBA CCC, I aim to increase student participation in the various CCC events and I look forward to seeing you all there.

Raul Braganza
Vice President – Internal Events