Meet the Committee

AMC17 0926 JMSB MBA Team 6627

Left to right: Danovan Filion, Mackenzie Emond, Vanessa Karras, Rouba Ezzedine, Sania Budhraja, Vanessa Amar, Tim Field


AMC17 0926 JMSB MBA Team 6601  Tim Field, Advisor

Tim Field, the Advisor to the MBA Case Competition Program, joined Concordia University in 2000.  Currently he is teaching in the Management Department in the areas of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics in the MBA, EMBA and undergraduate programs.  In addition, to his teaching, he is a Partner at KOMAND Consulting (  His industry experience includes, ten years in the Aerospace industry, five years as an entrepreneur in both the automotive and marketing fields and currently as a management consultant having provided services to the Retail, Biotechnology, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Manufacturing, IT and Brewing industries.


AMC17 0926 JMSB MBA Team 6410 Danovan Filion, VP Logistics

“Participating in case competitions is one of the most enriching experiences of the MBA program.”

Danovan has professional experience in clinical research and started his MBA to acquire business and management knowledge. He tried out for case competitions during his first semester at JMSB and was selected to be a part of the 2018 Haskayne Business School competition. He strives to ensure that competitions are well organized and that all teams have everything that they need while attending them. As a part of the CCC, he looks forward to contributing to the culture of enhancing presentation skills and learning by experience.

AMC17 0926 JMSB MBA Team 6489 Mackenzie Emond, VP Internal Events

“There are no Problems, Only Solutions”
– John Lennon

Mackenzie comes from Ontario and has spent most of her time growing up in the great outdoors. She developed her love of nature while at summer camp in Algonquin Park, leading canoe trips in Northern Ontario for weeks at a time. It was on these trips that she discovered the need to do her part to preserve and protect what little of unspoiled land we have. Armed with a Bachelors degree in Recreation Management and Community Development, she is in her final year at JMSB hoping to complete the MBA program in May 2018. In addition to holding the position of VP of Internal Events for MBA CCC, she is also the 2017-2018 president of John Molson Sustainable Business Group. Her goal as VP of internal events is to take more sustainable measures in event planning. She experienced her first case competition at Garda, which opened her eyes to the benefits of case comp and how actively participating can improve personal development. Mackenzie will also be competing at 2018 HEC Case Competition in February, we wish her and team “Thrive Responsibly” the best!

AMC17 0926 JMSB MBA Team 6498  Vanessa Karras, President

Vanessa has over five years of experience in the music industry. She managed large scale events, before opening her own management services company. She managed artists’ finances, marketing, touring logistics and relationships with diverse stakeholders. She obtained a bachelor of arts with distinction, double majoring in jazz guitar and in arts administration. She is now pursuing her MBA at the John Molson School of Business, and will be joining McKinsey and Co as a management consultant following graduation.

AMC17 0926 JMSB MBA Team 6437 Rouba Ezzedine, VP Finance

“Everything you’ve never seen is just beyond where you always stop”

Rouba has four years of experience in Finance research and Sustainability. She has a strong knowledge and broad expertise in corporate finance, private equity, financial planning and financial analysis. With experience in both the for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, she has developed an adaptable set of skills and a passion for achieving and helping others. During her studies, Rouba has received three graduate scholarships for her academic achievements. She holds a Master in Finance from the American University of Beirut and she is currently pursuing an MBA at the John Molson School of Business with a focus on management and strategy. As part of the CCC, she hopes to help in presenting the case competition experience as a learning journey and as an important part of the MBA life.

AMC17 0926 JMSB MBA Team 6520 Sania Budhraja, VP Marketing

“Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself.”

Sania has around 2 years of experience in consulting operations and has worked closely with teams that coach and mentor startups. She started to get involved with case competitions early on, intrigued by taking on the challenge of pairing up with a team to turn a problem into a solution within 3 hours. After participating in her first competition, she realized the potential that this program had. As part of the CCC, she looks forward to encouraging students to get involved with case cracking, learn beyond the classroom and see themselves grow.

AMC17 0926 JMSB MBA Team 6378 Vanessa Amar, VP Communications

“Passion, drive and discipline is the recipe to success”

Vanessa has a background in health care and has had 4 years of experience in building her clientele in private clinical settings. She has a passion for fashion and politics. Her interest in strategy led her to get involved with case competitions. She will represent JMSB at the 2018 Haskayne Case Competition. As part of the CCC she hopes to help build the case competition culture within the JMSB MBA program by facilitating interactions between the committee and her fellow students.