Meet the Committee


Tim Field, Advisor

Tim Field, the Advisor to the MBA Case Competition Program, joined Concordia University in 2000.  Currently he is teaching in the Management Department in the areas of Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics in the MBA, EMBA and undergraduate programs.  In addition, to his teaching, he is a Partner at KOMAND Consulting (  His industry experience includes, ten years in the Aerospace industry, five years as an entrepreneur in both the automotive and marketing fields and currently as a management consultant having provided services to the Retail, Biotechnology, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Manufacturing, IT and Brewing industries.

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Amanda Rushton, President

Amanda has been engaged in the case competition community since her first semester at JMSB. An advocate of the professional and personal growth opportunities provided by case competitions, she considers them a transformative part of her MBA journey. Amanda has a professional background in event management and has global experience across various industries, such as not-for-profit, sport and higher education. She holds a BA. in International Development Studies from McGill University and a Graduate Certificate in Event Management from Humber College. Previously, Amanda has held the role of CCC VP Logistics and has represented JMSB at several major competitions including the John Molson International Case Competition and the HEC CSR Challenge, where her team won 1st prize. As President of the Case Competition Committee, she will collaborate with the faculty advisor and CCC executives to provide strategic guidance, promote engagement and support the growth of the MBA case competition program.

Stéphane Larin, VP Logistics and External

Stéphane developed his passion for business strategy and case competitions while studying for his BCom. degree in International Business at JMSB. He was a member of the Undergraduate Case Competition Delegation for the Debate Team, where he got a first glimpse into the world of case competitions. Recognizing this unique opportunity to develop business skills, Stéphane still believes that the combination of business intuition, presentation skills, team-work and creativity developed while competing is truly unique and enticing. Upon returning to JMSB for the MBA program, he leapt on every opportunity to participate and compete in case competitions. With his teams, he placed 1st in an internal MBA competition (Stéphan Crétier Foundation GardaWorld Competition) and took home the 2nd place trophy at HEC’s CSR Challenge. He intends to continue to compete while sharing his enthusiasm and supporting all of JMSB’s competitors as VP Logistics for the Case Competition Committee.  

Genevieve Roch,  VP Internal

Coming from a practical science background (BSc. Dietetics), Genevieve only cracked her first case upon starting the MBA last fall. Immediately hooked, she then participated in the Concours KGP, ICOP and Rotman A4S case competitions, winning 1st place with her team at Rotman A4S. Though the learning curve is steep, she really enjoys case competitions and how they improve analytical skills, time management, understanding of team dynamics, and presentation skills. Genevieve has experience in operations management, and is the current president of the MBA Society, As VP Internal for the Case Competition Committee, she aims to continue to increase the clubs’ reach by hosting events where fellow students can work on honing those skills and experience the challenges and rewards of the case competition world.

Sapandeep Singh Randhawa,  VP Finance and Analytics

Sapandeep had his first taste of case competitions as an Industrial Engineering student. He instantly learning the value of participating in such experiential activity and went on to compete in an external case competition presenting to the likes of McKinsey and Bain. During various case competitions internally and externally, he leveraged his past experience in supply chain management and industrial engineering to think strategically while critically analyzing details. Participating in case competitions taught him the importance of concisely articulating his ideas. Currently serving as VP Finance and Analytics on the Case Competition Committee, his goals are to keep the club running within the budget as well as provide analytical insights into the CCC’s operations for MBA students. In addition, he is also the President of Briscoe Business Ownership Club at JMSB.

Catherine Pepe,  VP Marketing

Catherine is an experiential learning enthusiast who loves taking her education outside of the classroom. In addition to the CCC, Catherine co-chairs the position of VP sponsorship and external within the John Molson Women in Business Club and is taking part in the Innovation by Design program for the upcoming year. An entrepreneur at heart, Catherine loves the idea of a competition that uses real cases where students from every background can participate. It was shortly after beginning her MBA that she signed up for her first case competition where she was immediately drawn to the intensity and competitive atmosphere. As VP Marketing, Catherine is looking forward to attracting new students to competitions so that they too can experience the excitement of bringing business cases to life. 

Rachel Simmons,  VP Communications

Rachel may be new to the world of business, but quickly fell in love with the challenges and opportunities brought on by doing case competitions. For someone who loves a good puzzle, cracking cases turned out to be a way of taking theoretical concepts learned in class and applying them to the real world while developing the critical skills needed for a successful career. With a BSc. in Anatomy & Cell Biology and Anthropology, and a MSc. in Family Medicine, Rachel brings her professional experience in health research, management and policy to competitions like the Stéphan Crétier Foundation GardaWorld Competition and the HEC CSR Challenge (placing 1st and 2nd respectively). Currently working in the Department of Family Medicine at McGill University, Rachel joins the Case Competition Committee as VP Communications.  She is excited to experience more than just the competition angle, and hopes to help ensure future students have as positive and rewarding an experience in competing as she did.

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